The SXLINUX project features the following sub-projects:
  • Port of GNU toolchain (binutils and GCC) to NEC SX vector supercomputer architecture.
  • I/O forwarding for NEC SX vector supercomputer architecture and X86-64 architectures.
  • Lightweight Kernel development.
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The GNU binutils port provides capabilities for inspection and manipulation of SX COFF object files, assembler, disassembler, and linker. The GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) port provides the GNU C and C++ compilers, capable of creating optimized scalar code for the NEC SX CPU. The scope of the ported compiler was to produce correct scalar code, vectorization was not implemented.

IOfwd is a framework that enables applications running on SX Vector computers under the SUPER-UX operating system to offload I/O operations to Linux Servers. This way applications can access file-systems that are not natively supported under SUPER-UX, and provide a better integration of the NEC SX machines into Linux centric compute centers. The application running under SUPER-UX needs to be linked with a set of libraries that provide I/O forwarding features, when the application starts up it will spawn an IOfwd daemon on the Linux server. I/O system calls on the SUPER-UX side are intercepted and selectively redirected to the daemon running on the Linux side.

The Lightweight Kernel (LWK) subproject aims at developing slim low jitter kernels specialized for computational jobs on massively parallel systems. It is based on the Kitten LWK open source project to which our group is currently contributing. After porting and testing prototype LWKs on SX-6 and SX-8 the effort focuses currently on supporting standard x86-64 hardware with InfiniBand interconnect.


Dr. Erich Focht
NEC High Performance Computing Europe
E-Mail: efocht[at]